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Decoding and Exiting the Invisible Agenda                About the Book

by Gatty James                                                              About the Author

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Excerpt from Page 16: Moreover, it is not until we, through self-reliant entrepreneurship become the merchant class of souls that we ought to be where we abide in the Americas, that non-Africans would stop visualizing Africans as weak and inexperienced hunter gatherers, the hallmark of Africans who capitalism brought from Africa to the United States and the Caribbean between the early part of the seventeen hundreds and the latter part of the nineteenth century, for the purpose of providing that system with free labor power. It is because of this that this writer decided to 1) examine the extent to which Africans who now abide in the Americas could reverse the limited rate at which we participate in the deployment of entrepreneurship in the Americas and 2) design a strategy by which we could make risk-based business development the primary basis by which we could extricate, in effect, redeem ourselves, from being dependent on others, poverty and underdevelopment, where Africans abide in such parts of the world.

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Challenges to Human Prosperity   About the Book

by Gatty James                         About the Author

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Excerpt from Page 21: Woe is to any group of people, community, nation or other kingdom in todayís world, that in its quest to save itself from poverty, dispossession and woe, is not represented by a system of production that is able to ensure that such players are equipped with instruments of deliverance through which it could achieve power in the world. Is it possible, for example, for communities and their citizens that abide in underdeveloped parts of todayís world to enhance their life qualities without the support of Systems of production that are willing to deploy for-profit and nonprofit organizations that typify those that countries that are loyal to capitalism deploy towards empowering such players, especially given the fact that these powerhouses produce the bulk of the commodities on which people depend for their survival?



 A Task at Hand                   About the Book

 by Yvonne James              About the Author

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  Excerpt from Pages 13-15: Ms. Walsh was about twenty-six year old and very attractive. At that time, Karl had a serious crush on her.  He really believed he loved her and that she was in loved with him. She was very nice to him inside and outside the classroom. She would always call on him to do small chores for her, one reason why his classmates dubbed him Ďteacherís petí. Karl didnít mind a bit. As a matter of fact, he felt honored to be called the teacherís pet...

     ...Karlís mom had made every effort to bring some positive balance to Karlís relationship with his teacher. She encouraged daily discussion about school and intentionally made mention of Ms. Walsh. Mom also constantly tried to look for clues that might have shown him to be in danger but never got any; until that unfortunate day. As a matter of fact, because a plan was masterminded in school and carried out the same day, she did not have time to look for any clues. Armed with the knowledge that Karl was the teacherís pet, the prank was pulled on him.

Conquering the Mountaintop       About the Book

by Gatty James                             About the Author

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Excerpt from Page 185: The primary motive by which Dr. King was driven when he was killed by the assassinís bullet in Memphis Tennessee on April 4th 1968 was that to help Africans in the Americas acquire our just share of the economic resources that the labor power of our fathers had made possible in the United States. To Dr. King, this dream would only have become real when members of the diverse kingdoms that this nation became treated one another as brothers. Just as how the powerful dream in which John the Revelator was absorbed on the Isle of Pathmos was influenced by his hope to see Jesusí principles of human deliverance become real, Dr. King was influenced by the hope that his ancestors displayed to see us live the good life in the Americas.



Visualizations                                 About the Book

by Gatty James                           About the Author

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Excerpt from Poem: Journey through Life: Page 3


Fearless and energetic, innocent and strong,
Not knowing what was right or what was wrong,

                    We make our entrances into life, crying,

              As if we are determined to comfort the dying

          Of the worldís diverse peoples, great and small,
Who some believed are designed to fall.

Are we supposed to help to set them free?
Or to watch, as they perish on the hang-manís tree?


Bridges to Salvation and Positive Thinking     

by Gatty James                              About the Book                                                                  About the Author

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Excerpt from Poem: Drums of Our Lives: Page 190

Drums, drums and more drums brothers! Whatís
going on?
They keep pounding in our ears from dusk until

                                Some are steel drums, some conga drums, goat skins

                          drums and more
                                      Most are designed to remind us that we are not to



                                      The fact that drums are really designed to inform us of

                                      That we ought to live and die for and the courage that

                            life brings;

                                       We must understand how to play drums and what
                         theyíre about
                                  If we do, we wonít have to hold our heads and shout

Prayers 'n' the Hood                About the Book

by Gatty James                        About the Author

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Excerpt from Page 14: With God being our only hope, if this deity refuses to answer our prayers for what we need, what would become of us, our nations and communities that look to us to magnify such entities? What would become of this wonderful world? After thousands of hours of searching, meditating, praying to God for answers to these questions, I came to the reality that we should not blame God for His refusal to answer our prayers to him. On this, the bible is  extremely clear.

As mortal humans, the extent to which our God will answer our prayers to Him is anchored in the acts we implement by which the answering of such prayers could be effected.  And so, I say to those who read Prayers Ďní the Hood, this writer implores you to read your bible with the view that it is designed to show you ways by which you could empower yourself and the kingdoms to which you belong. As you read on, not only would you find that the basis by which God would hear and answer your prayers is anchored in that deityís powerful concept of kingdom unity; you would be able to visualize that God is willing to hear your prayers and satisfy your needs.



Edge of the Promised Land            About the Book

by Gatty James                           About the Author

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Excerpt from Page 6: Unfortunately, it was hard for me to visualize how my family and I were going to evolve in Trinidad, amidst the state of hopelessness in which my village had placed us.  Unlike Ferdinand, I wanted to acquire the positive rights of passage that black folks had been denied because of who we were.  Like black folks who had come before in Trinidad, Ferdinand and I held little sway over our economic destinies, although he often pretended that we held such things. Perhaps thatís why the bandits had come to the house.

Although fate seemed to be determined to prevent my husband from moving towards self development, he was my knight errant, the only one who I believed could rescue me from the uncertain life I felt destined to live in Trinidad. His refusal to walk the economic road I wanted him to walk, had helped to fuel the limited faith I had that my marriage to him would have resulted in a better life for my children and me. I looked at him.



Natives in Transition                About the Book

by Gatty James                        About the Author

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Excerpt from Page 6: As a black woman born and raised in one of the most deprived areas of the city, Ayana had spent most of her teenage years participating in the struggles of black Americans as they sought to break out of the poverty and inequality in which the system had placed them since their forefathers crossed the middle passage.  She had marched with them in Harlem, Bedford Stuyvesant, and East New York and throughout the southern part of the United States to help them gain equality.  Thank God she had lived to see some of the changes the system had made in the late sixties and seventies to accommodate the people of her race.  She claimed that much of those gains were being taken away during the 1980s.  Ayana had good reasons to love Tobago.  She was born thirty-seven years ago to a father from the southern part of the United States and a mother from Scarborough, Tobago's capital city.  Ayana's first physical encounter with the place had come when she went there with Baba tow months after their marriage.


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