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Decoding and Exiting the Invisible Agenda


About the Author

 This work is designed to provide its readers with glimpses into the journey in which Africans who experienced chattel slavery and their descendants engaged, particularly in the United States of America and the British Caribbean, in that people’s quest to utilize entrepreneurship towards building their lives within such systems, as the order propelled itself from feudalism to the powerful socioeconomic system which modern capitalism has become in the world.

Specific subjects that are examined are 1) the mobilization of visible and invisible arrangements that are designed to ensure that Africans operate as non-human chattels rather than as a part of the human race by which the world is pervaded 2) the impact socioeconomic fallouts from chattel slavery on attempts which Africans made to acquire land, labor, capital resources and mobilize markets, as such souls tried to evolve as a merchant class of people on such continents and 3) sub-socioeconomic systems of production which African chattel slavery engendered in the Americas that were designed to ensure that Africans, instead of participating in capitalism as an African-managed ex-slave system of production, a nation, within the Americas, which once it extricates itself from the foregoing fallouts, will become a formidable economic force, in effect, a unified merchant class of souls inside of capitalism, would remain as perpetual individual-based cheap labor-givers to the systems in which we abide forever.

 This writer’s hope is that this work would provide Africans who now dwell in the Americas with relevant insights into ways by which we could extricate ourselves from any negative fallouts which the chattel enslavement of our forefathers imposed on us, as we keep trying to build lives where we abide in the world.




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