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Natives in Transition


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Here is an engrossing work of fiction in which most of the events and much of the dialogue actually took place.  Author Gatty James, in writing Natives in Transition: a Novel on Tobago, succeeds in presenting an interesting arrangement of diverse materials, each one affecting the other.


On the other hand, this fast-paced novel profiles Baba Taylor and Punter Harper, two middle-aged Tobagonians who, twenty years earlier left their beautiful native land for the United States in search of a better life.  Although they have met with some success in their pursuit of the American Dream, they are haunted by memories of the problems their countrymen face daily back home.  For this reason they decide to return to Tobago, believing they will be able to find some answers and provide some solutions to the social and economic ills plaguing their homeland.


On the other hand, in a brilliant stroke of juxtapositioning, Gatty James, through the use of a series of essays and dialogue, takes us on a journey deep into the colonial past of Tobago and successfully captures a meticulously detailed chapter of this gentle island's economic and social history.

Natives in Transition skillfully combines these two difficult and diverse elements to bring us not only a highly entertaining novel but a remarkably informative and powerful human document as well.





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