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Bridges to Salvation and Positive Thinking


About the Author


 This book is designed to show, through the plethora of poems that are written therein, the power that being able to think positively can bring to people who abide in the world’s systems. It is not uncommon for psychologists, sociologists and others who interact in the field of human and organizational behavior to call on us to think and act in a positive manner as a prime criterion by which we could enhance the lives that we live in our environments.

Some see the ability to think in a positive manner as an attribute that when called on to aid us in our quest to undertake acts by which we could satisfy our needs would engender in us ‘go-for-it regardless’ attitudes that would push us to implement actions that would enable us to acquire elements of which we are in pursuit.

Being able to think positively, however, is not automatically invoked in humans. It must be triggered by one thing or another. What the author attempts to show through these poems is that people, Gods, which can be seen as the oneness of the groups of souls or kingdoms that abide in the world, are important resources by which positive thinking is triggered in humans.

Within such kingdoms, however, charity, equality, reciprocity, and brotherly love must be the order of the day. If there is one lesson that should be learned from these poems, it is that positive thinking and the successful mobilization of kingdoms that are enshrined in charity is, in effect, the root, the essence, of unity.

It is as humans perceive that we would, through the kingdoms to which we belong achieve goals, that the positive thinking attribute with which we are endowed is triggered. Moreover, as members of kingdoms are enabled to achieve goals that such kingdoms, their members would become highly productive entities.




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