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As humans, we can become so overwhelmed by organizational and human conflicts, natures wraths and other challenges that eternal and internal forces impose on us that even some who are closest o us including our brother, sister and others who should be there to help us are unable to do so.  During such times, we are likely to turn to God, the only force who we believe could help meet the challenges we face day after day. 


For some of us, especially those who find ourselves in the back-waters of the hearts of the aster of the kingdoms in which we abide, the God to whom we pray may sometime be tired of hearing our calls to Him for help, or of providing answers to our prayers in the affirmative.


In this work, the basis by which our connections with God should first be anchored in our relationships with those who are members of the kingdoms to which we belong and after that, with those with whom we interact beyond such kingdoms has been defined.


I also defined the basis by which all of us and the instruments that we crate by which we could be represented in this world can through prayer, talk to the God of our ancestor about things with which we can satisfy our needs.  He will answer our prayers.







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