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The poems in this work are designed to inform those who read such elements about the manner in which an African American visualized life in the Americas as he evolved from childhood to adulthood. Etched in this player’s mind are salient aspects of the process by which his ancestors were taken from Africa, placed into chattel slavery and then, became visualized by the descendants of their captors in the Americas and others in the world.


Such elements, the author believes, bears a high volume of responsibility for the limited access that Africans who evolved out of the foregoing dispensation are able to enjoy in the Americas. Through the poems in this work, the author, testifies to the many days that his father, to a great extent and his mother, to a lesser extent, informed him through tidbits of stories about chattel slavery that were told to them by their parents and grand parents, which became indelibly inked in their memories.


Such stories, in the best way that his parents were able to remember such elements, were passed to the author and his siblings. The hope is that those who read this work, especially African Americans would be able to visualize in their minds eyes the typical village environment in which world war two babies grew up during colonial times on the former British colonies that pervaded the Caribbean during the nineteen fifties.






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